Light Touch Eco-Candle


These “30 hour burn time” candles look and smell amazing.

In 6 beautiful fragrances, hand selected each complimented by the colour of the container:

  • Lime, Basil & Mandarin (green jar)
  • Sea Salt (blue jar)
  • Aloe and Cucumber (clear jar)
  • Frankinsense & Shiso (pink jar)
  • Amber & Tonka (amber jar)
  • Black Pomegranate (teal jar)

These candles are about as eco-friendly as you can get:

  • The jar is 100% recycled – once used, it can be washed and reused as a glass, tea light holder, pen pot, plant holder and so on. It is fully recyclable when no longer needed
  • The candle is made from an ethically sourced plant wax, hand poured locally to us in the UK
  • The packaging is absolutely minimal (just enough to keep the candle clean whilst communicating the product features) and is fully recyclable
  • Vegan and plastic free

That’s why we call them “Light Touch”, because they should leave no trace.

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Light Touch Eco-Candle

Light Touch Eco-Candle